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Goa Honeymoon Tour Packages Online

Goa is a well known tourist destination famous for beaches. It is one of the best options for newly married couples. After the ceremony of marriage couples are mostly choosing to celebrate their honeymoon in a place where they can spend quality time in tranquil and lovely environment of nature with chirping of birds, a gentle hush of waves thus a better solution for them is Goa. Its' known as the most romantic place for couples and attracts its unspoiled beauty of sandy beaches, splendid sunsets, peaceful atmosphere, inviting waves of clear blue sea makes it unique and perfect destination for newly married couples. Every year thousands of tourists from across the planet especially Europe visit Goa and celebrate their honeymoon. All the good things that make a holiday work are here.

There is something to suit each budget, starting, from cheap shacks to-let on the beach and going on to long-stay self-catering apartments, pensions, clean but basic rooms in small hotels, suites in five-star luxury resorts to rival the best in the world and finally themed designer rooms in truly exclusive boutique hotels that promise a whole different holiday experience. It would take forever to list options under every category, but here's a list of some of the best high-end accommodation that Goa has to offer.

Goa is also popular for seafood aficionados. It is not all about fish curry and rice, however. The fruits do Meir can't get fresher and the Goans treat them with respect, lightly poaching, grilling or baking their fish without drowning it in sauces and spices and including clams, squid, crabs, lobster and prawns regularly in their meals. On the other hand, if spice and serious meat is what you want, you've come to the right place again - the Portuguese-influenced vindaloos, sports, Richards beaches and stalwarts of Goan catholic kitchens are basically beef and pork centric, redolent of toddy-based vinegar and worthy challenges for the most chili seasoned palates. The Hindu cuisine (xacutis, shakes, ambotiks, forgets) is mostly vegetarian but when meat based uses chicken and lamb and features plenty of coconut milk, tamarind and Kokum for tang. The curries are normally eaten with Goan red rice, poi, a leavened Goan bread or sauna, steamed crescent shaped dumplings. Dessert is always bebinca, the layered sweet pancake that uses eggs, flour, butter, sugar and coconut milk in its batter and takes eight hours to make or dodhol, a heady combination of coconut milk and jiggery reduced over a slow fire until thick and creamy.

The Portuguese ruled "Golden Goa' their eastern capital city that once rivaled Lisbon in its magnificence, for almost 400 years, executive mass conversions to Christianity at the point of a sword, dotting its paddy fields with white washed churches, defending its coastline from powerful forts, infusing its food with exotic flavors from across the seas and giving this strip of India a 'creole' character all of its own. But throughout this long occupation, a small percentage of the local Hindus resisted the conversions, building their temples, worshiping their gods and making certain Hindu. Goa was as alive as the Christian one. Small wonder then, that most of the must-sees in the state comprise places of worship. But if monuments and places of worship don't you, never fear. There is plenty to do in Goa for the nature enthusiast as well.

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Goa Tour – To Make Holidays Memorable

Goa is a famous tourist destination in India. It is world famous for its beaches. Goa holiday Packages that call up the ratings of visitors enter the year. This endowed land is a captivating home of picturesque appeal which engrosses visitors through its natural splendors combined with vivid culture and pounding exhibitions and celebrations. Some of the well-known destinations of Goa holiday Offers are:

Panaji: This is the main town of Goa situated on the left bank of the Mandovi River. It is among the well-known destinations of Goa Travel and leisure well-known throughout the globe for its pleasant picturesque elegance and rich social custom. The mystic appeal of this town can be found in its beautiful, red-roofed homes built in Latina style, well laid landscapes, sculptures and methods covered with Gulmohar, Acassia and other plants. Some well-known destinations of this position that enthrall visitors are Menezes Braganza Institution, Old City, Kala Academia social center and Miramar Seaside.

Mapusa: Mapusa is one of the favorite vacation destination of Goa Travel and leisure which is located 13 Km north of Panaji the Investment of Goa. The Baga, Calangute and Anjuna are three well-known nearby seashores of this position that boost the appeal of this a picture-perfect town. These well-known sea shores of Goa are well-known throughout the world for their dazzling night life events. At this position there are some of the most popular and most well-known bars and eating joints of Goa which are always popular.

Vasco da Gama: It is among the biggest and well-known sea shores of Goa renowned for its juxtaposed attractiveness of pleasing old components existing with modern buildings. The foremost fascination of this position is the Bogmolo Seaside which is known for the enchanting blend of sea, sun and sand. Apart from the picturesque elegance this beach is also well-known for aquatic actions such as swimming and diving. The Naval Airplane Art gallery is another fascination of Vasco which homes various aircraft of Indian Fast such as weaponry, safety accessories and rare pictures.

I am content writer. I write articles on tours and travel, tour packages and holidays for Singapore, New Zealand and Goa Holiday Packages (India). Visit India Tours to find tours for India, Andaman Tour packages Etc.